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For better or worse, it's time to get up and go outside. There can be no more excuses.

The sun is out, for the minute at least, and the world is a-buzz once more. But while you might have spent six gloomy months eagerly awaiting the seasonal shift, now it's here you can't help but wish spring had given you a bit of warning.

Sure, walking in the sunshine is all well and good as an idea, and an afternoon in the garden sounds lovely in theory no doubt. But you're halfway throught that TV show. You're not really sure where your sunglasses might be, and what unhinged individual is venturing outside without those? And you can't help but feel several sedentary months hiding from all forms of natural light is particularly apparent to anyone you might have to meet face to face.

Getting up and going outside sounds lovely, but it's not that simple.

Never fear, we're hear to give you the push out the door you need (in the nicest possible way). Get inspired to seize the spring with our Spring In Your Step playlist.

Spring is the season of new love, the sort that inspired The Beatles' 'I Feel Fine', The Shangri-Las' 'Give Him A Great Big Kiss' or Kelis' 'Forever Be'. But you've got to be out there to be in with a chance of finding it, or having it find you. What better motivation could there be?

And once you get yourself out the door you really will find it's a 'Beautiful Day'. The kind of day that deserves to be soundtracked by the likes of John Brown's Body's 'Forward Always', The Kinks' 'Sunny Afternoon' or Josefn Ohrn and the Liberation's 'Sister Green Eyes'.

It's also the season for fresh starts. Take some inspiration from Fat Freddy's Drop and 'Clean The House', and then celebrate having the best part of the year ahead of you with Mika's 'Grace Kelly', LCD Soundsystem's 'All My Friends' or Scissor Sister's 'I Don't Feel Like Dancing'.

It's OK. We can't all be the sorts to burst frantically from our wintery nests at the first glimpse of sunshine. Some of us need a little more coaxing. Let us tempt you into the daylight with our Spring In Your Step playlist.

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